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Are Myro deodorant pods recyclable?

Yep! They are fully recyclable and made from #2 plastic (the most easily recyclable plastic across the US). Plus, they use 50% less plastic than traditional deodorants (which typically use non-recycl…

Updated 1 month ago

Does Myro work for sensitive skin?

We understand that no 2 people are exactly the same and that we’re all unique! That’s why, even though Myro uses plant-powered, naturally-effective ingredients, some people can develop an allergic re…

Sachin Bhargava
Updated 3 weeks ago by Sachin Bhargava

How do I load a pod into the case?

The magic is in the details: . Insert pod. Twist till you hear a “click” to lock in place. Turn bottom dial. Remove green dome* and enjoy! To unload, twist pod counter-clockwise and pull out. Pop in…

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How do I remove a pod from the Myro case?

When your deodorant pod is finished (or you feel like switching up your scent), just twist the pod counter-clockwise and pull out. That’s it! P.S. Don’t dispose of green Freshness Dome if you plan on…

Updated 1 month ago

How does Myro deodorant work?

Myro’s plant-powered formula works just as hard as other deodorants, just with way less ingredients. Bacteria neutralizing citrus, probiotics and sage keep you smelling great, cornstarch keeps you dr…

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How long does a deodorant pod last?

Each person is unique, but with daily use a 2.0 oz deodorant pod should last about a month. If you’re into scent switching (same!) just make sure to keep your green Freshness Dome and pop it on the p…

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How many times can I refill my Myro case?

Again and again (and again!). Our durable case is meant to be loved, used and reused forever. Whenever it needs a little TLC, just pop it in the top rack of the dishwasher. If the case ever breaks, y…

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How much deodorant should I use?

Totally up to you! But, we find 2-3 swipes under each arm is plenty of coverage. Just an FYI, Myro works best on clean, dry skin. We also recommend applying light pressure if you’re working with hair…

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How often do I need to apply Myro?

Once a day is enough for most people, but if you’re a serious sweater (um, same) you might want to reapply after you hit the gym, or on a particularly hot day. And since Myro is only made from good-f…

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Is Myro deodorant cruelty-free?

F*ck yes! Forever and always.

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Is Myro deodorant tested for safety?

Yep! All of our ingredients are clinically tested for safety and efficacy. That means they’re good for you AND they work. Win-win.

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Is Myro deodorant tested on animals?

No. Never. Not a chance. Myro does not test on animals.

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Is Myro deodorant vegan?

F*ck yes! It’s also gluten-free, soy-free and mineral-oil free. Plus there are zero nasty ingredients like: Aluminum. Parabens. Triclosan. Steareths. Phthalates. Talc. And always cruelty free!

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Is Myro gluten-free?

Yes! Natural cornstarch is our gluten-free alternative to keep you dry.

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Is the deodorant for men, women or both?

Myro deodorant is safe, effective and gender neutral. Our base formula and scents are made for everyone.

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Is there a transition period for Myro deodorant?

We’re gonna be real—most people will experience a transition period (AKA, B.O. and more sweat) after switching from antiperspirant to natural deodorant. Think of it as a right of passage as you cross…

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What does switching to Myro feel like?

If you’ve been using antiperspirant, you might notice a little more sweat after you switch. Depending on your own personal microbiome, it could take up to four weeks for your body to adjust. Until th…

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What ingredients are in Myro deodorant?

If your Myro was purchased before 6/12/19 then email us at for ingredient details, otherwise see below: Our plant-powered formula means a better performing deodorant with fewer ingred…

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What is the Myro case made out of?

The Myro case is made out of a few plastic parts. The outer case, the largest part, is made out of plastic #9 (ABS). The internal bottom dial mechanism is made out of plastic #2 (HDPE). For help in r…

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What is the Myro deodorant pod made out of?

Myro deodorant pods are made out of plastic #2 (HDPE). It is one of the most commonly recycled plastics.

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What skin types are Myro products suitable for?

Myro is suitable for all skin types. We made our deodorant to work best on everybody.

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Will the deodorant melt in high temperatures?

Yes, but nothing unexpected for deodorant! In temperatures around 100 degrees (like if you left it in a hot mailbox or car…) the product can melt or soften. That’s because we don’t use stabilizing ch…

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