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Can I buy Myro without subscribing?

Sure thing! You can buy a starter kit as a one-time purchase—subscription free! Bonus: you can subscribe and save at any time.

Updated 1 week ago

Can I skip a refill shipment?

Yup—it’s your world, we’re just making you smell great in it! Navigate to the “Your Plan” tab on your accounts page choose “Modify plan”. Then you can scroll down, select “edit” and pick a date that…

Updated 1 month ago

Can you help me activate (or reactivate!) my subscription?

You can shoot us an email at at any time and we’d love to help.

Updated 1 month ago

Help, I’m trying to modify or cancel my subscription!

To access your account: We’ve got you covered. First start with our Chill Wave scent (jk, but it will help), then use the link we sent in your account confirmation email. Or, you can just log in here…

Updated 1 week ago

How do I switch scents?

It’s a snap! Here’s how: Turn bottom dial to roll the deodorant down. Twist pod counter-clockwise and pull out. Pop on the green Freshness Dome* . Insert fresh deo pod and twist clockwise till you he…

Updated 1 month ago

How many pods come in each refill shipment?

3 pods at $10 a piece (a 3-month supply on average). Stick with the scent you chose for your starter kit or switch it up and make your own custom kit. The options are ENDLESS. Jk, but there are a lot…

Updated 1 month ago

How often do I pay for refills, and when do I get them?

30 days after purchasing your starter kit you’ll be charged $30 for your first 3-month supply (3 deodorant pods at $10). Future refills are scheduled to ship every 90-ish days after that but you can…

Updated 1 month ago

I have a case, how do I get refills?

Oooh what case color?! Sorry, we’ll focus. It’s easy, just head to our refills page to pick your 3 pod scents and activate your subscription. Even easier? Click the little chat button at the bottom r…

Updated 1 month ago

What's the deal with the starter kit?

It RULES. Pay just $10 for your first deodorant pod—and get a refillable case and free shipping. After 30 days we’ll send you a 3-month-supply (3 deodorant pods) to use with your fabulous new case. F…

Updated 1 month ago