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Even Better transition

Can I use the new pods in my old case?

The new case was specifically designed to work with the new pods (they’re so easy to use and make switching scents a snap!). We’ve included a prepaid shipping envelope in your upcoming refill shipmen…

Updated 1 month ago

Do you have an unscented deodorant?

Yep! Our fragrance-free (un)scent is called Open Air. It’s perfect for smelling like yourself without, you know, smelling. Hot Tip: peeps with a sensitivity to essential oils + natural fragrances, th…

Updated 1 month ago

I have extras of the original case. Can I swap those for the new case?

Sure thing, but we may need a little time to get them all replaced while we’re going through our transition. Shoot us an email at and we’ll get you sorted.

Updated 1 month ago

I think I have the new case. How do I know?

If you’re reading this, then your new case is on the way (get ready for love at first swipe) If you purchased your starter kit after June 12th 2019 you’ve got the new case! It’s even easier to use an…

Updated 1 month ago

Is there any action required on my part to get the new case?

Nope, we got you covered! You’ll get the new case (in the same color as your old one) in your next refill shipment—along with 3 scent pods that work with it. In the meantime you can use up any old po…

Updated 1 month ago

What's the difference between unscented and fragrance-free?

Unscented means that the product may contain chemicals that neutralize or mask the odors of other ingredients. Fragrance-free means that zero fragrance materials or masking scents are used in the pro…

Updated 1 month ago

Will I get the same color case as I had before?

Yep! You’ll get the same color case you had in your first starter kit. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions.

Updated 1 month ago

Will the old pods work with the new case?

Unfortunately, the old pods won’t work with the new case, but we’ll send you 3 new pods that will. In the meantime you can use up any old pods you have left until you’re ready to return your old case…

Updated 1 month ago