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Is there a transition period for Myro deodorant?

We’re gonna be real—most people will experience a transition period (AKA, B.O. and more sweat) after switching from antiperspirant to natural deodorant. Think of it as a right of passage as you cross over to the natural side...

Each stage will be a little different for everyone (depending on your personal microbiome!). Here’s a rough guideline of what to expect:

Week 1: “OMG, this stuff is working!”

The aluminum in antiperspirant is still plugging the pores under your arms...

Week 2: You’re sweating (and smelling) pretty bad

Your body is flushing out toxins! Stick with it—and check out our tips below.


This is typically when your body starts to chill out and stop over-producing odor-causing bacteria and moisture. 

Week 4 You did it!

Some people don’t make it this far, but not you. YOU are now the official wearer of a natural deodorant *slow clap*.

And in the meantime, check out our hot detoxing tips below.

Apply deodorant on dry/cool skin for optimal deodorant performance
Take hot baths to open pores and encourage your pores to flush out toxins
Natural fabrics and loose clothing are your friends in the first few weeks
Reapply your Myro as often as you need

You. Got. This.

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