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Debunking natural ingredient myths

Artem Fomytskyi Updated by Artem Fomytskyi

With natural ingredients, you don't have to worry about a reaction!

Even though natural ingredients are better for your bod, if you’re prone to irritation, they won’t preclude you from experiencing it. Most often in natural deodorants, a reaction is caused by over applying, or the presence of essential oils. We recommend trying our unscented version, Open Air, if you believe the latter might be a problem for you.

I don’t have sensitive skin so I won’t experience any sensitivity 

Unfortunately not having “sensitive skin” doesn’t preclude you from experiencing a rash in your under arm area—with moisture, heat, and friction, even those with the toughest skin can suffer from irritation. It’s all about prevention. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Wash with cool water so your pores are closed
  • Make sure the area is fully dry before you apply your deodorant.
  • Don’t shave against the hair growth in this area as it can cause painful razor burn (and never ever apply deodorant on broken skin).
  • Try shaving under your arms at night to avoid applying deodorant directly after
  • Wear natural, breathable fabrics to encourage air flow

An underarm rash (irritation, peeling, etc.) is part of the “detox period”.

That’s a big ol’ no. Additional perspiration and B.O. can be expected during the detox period, but you should never have irritation or dry, peeling skin. If you do, please stop using your deodorant, contact your doctor and shoot us an email at

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